Protection of Thai Nationals

Protection of Thai Nationals

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The Protection of Thai Nationals Abroad Division's Main Responsibilities

1. Providing Assistance to Thai Nationals in Distress. A Thai National while abroad, facing difficulties and unable to help himself or herself particularly in the case of serious illness, severe living condition or unable to return to Thailand could seek assistance from Thai Embassy or Consulate-general directly or through his or her close relatives. Ways and means of assistance will depend on the nature of each case.
Note : Sufficient and comprehensive information of each case is essential in carrying out the assistance.

2. Promotion and Protection of Thai Workers Abroad.
    2.1  Providing information and basic analysis on labor market, government policy and trend, opportunities and demand relevant to the promotion of Thai workers abroad.
    2.2  Providing protection of the rights and interest of Thai workers while working abroad in accordance with local labor laws, wages and contract with their employers.
    2.3  Assisting Thai workers who have been deceived by illegal employment agencies and were left stranded abroad by ensuring their safe return home.

3. Providing Assistance to Thai Fishing or Commercial Vessels as well as Their Crews Outside of Thailand. The assistance would generally involved the case where Thai fishing boats are confiscated and their crews arrested or detained. The Embassy and Consulate General would coordinate with foreign authorities concerned to ensure that Thai fishermen are well and fairly treated as well as their safe return to Thailand.

4.  Assisting Thai Women who are Victim of Illegal Trafficking.  Thai Embassy and Consulate General will coordinate with local authorities in order to help Thai women who were lured into prostitution or other illegal work and to ensure that they could quickly return to Thailand. Thai Embassies and Consulates General also coordinate with local police authorities in the suppression of illegal traffickers' rings.

5. Providing Assistance in Case of Major Natural Disaster, Political Turmoils or War.  All Embassies and Consulates General have drawn up and updates an Emergency and Evacuation Plan which will be used to assist Thai nationals in each country in case of political or natural emergencies. Full support will be given to Embassies and Consulates General by the Thai Government in carrying out the plan.

6. Other Cases that Assistance could be Sought/would be given.

    - Thai Nationals arrested, put on trial or imprisoned.
    - Case involving death of a Thai national
    - Checking on living condition of a Thai National who has lost contact with his or her family


       In order to help prevent Thai nationals from fallen victim of illegal traffickers, intensive and continued measures have been undertaken through wide ranging campaign in the following form:

1. Close coordination and cooperation with all governmental agencies and NGOs to take joint preventive and suppressive measures;

2. Using multimedia to forewarn Thai public and potential victims of the consequences of going abroad illegally as follows.
    2.1  Television : TV Documentary on "Thai Life Abroad" (Ch. 9) and TV Spots (all Ch.)
    2.2  Radio : Regular warning on Saranrom Radio, MCOT and Navy Network as well as weekly program on Saranrom Radio.
    2.3  Newspaper : Warning published by major newspaper and specialized newspaper (Labor Market)
    2.4  Ministry of Foreign Affairs Web Site :
    2.5  Publication of leaflets and brochures : on useful information for Thais travelling abroad for more than 60 countries and/or cities